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Foxfarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit Nutrient Hydroponic Tiger Bloom Grow B...

only $99.99

Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine

only $69.96

Leca Clay Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 2 lbs.

$8.91 $8.90

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

only $109.99

Hydroponics Timer Control 24-Hr for Lights and Fans

only $12.01

Hydroponic Full Spectrum CFL Grow Light Bulb 60 Watt Bulb 5500K H60

$24.99 $10.99

General Hydroponics GH5460 Spaghetti Tubing, 1/8"

only $16.25

Supreme-Hydroponics 40140 Submersible and Inline Use Pumps with Ventur...

only $171.79

VicTsing 80 GPH (300L/H) Submersible Water Pump For Pond, Aquarium, Fi...

$15.99 $7.99

General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

$51.36 $42.69

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